Design your own personal Gallery Wall

Do you have a white and empty wall in your home? Then we have a positive message for you: you are lucky! This is the perfect starting point for your creative ideas! 

Gallery Walls are the fun and trendy solution for your empty wall! We have some tips and tricks to get started.

Which room ?
Your living room or an empty wall in your bed room might be the most favorite rooms for your gallery wall. But you can as well change your entrance, the kitchen or your kids room to an eye-catcher.

Which motives ?
Everything is possible - but you should keep a specific theme or color scheme in mind to ensure a coherent impression. You can combine photographies with illustrations or typographies. Or you can add a special touch with some wooden decoration element to generate more dynamic with a mix of material.

Which frames ?
This question is tricky and depends on your prints and the overall style of your room. Either keep it simple with one kind of frames or mix and match different styles. More simple black or white frames might fit most of the time, but you can set some statements with golden or metallic frames. If you add some frames with matting you can add a more sophisticated and classic touch to your gallery wall. Important here as well is to go not too wild with your mix and match to keep a coherent feeling for your wall. 

But not all must be framed. You can add a more creative touch with not framed prints, cards or photographs. Or you can integrate different accessories, such as a macrame or a wooden decoration element. 

Which order ?
You can choose between different styles and settings. In one row or rectangle, close to each other or wider apart. If you don’t want to drill holes into your wall, you might want to consider a picture bar or a shelf to decorate the prints on. There is just one basic rule: smaller distances between the different formats and frames create the feeling of togetherness and unity.

Browse our Gallery Walls for inspiration, then be sure to reserve a spot in your home for your new piece of unique wall art. And by the way, a good gallery wall will not be created over night. Such an arrangement will grow with time. So be patient - good things take time ;-)