Prints to keep your Wanderlust alive

Do you have as well a deep feeling of wanderlust? For sunshine, beaches and the ocean? Escape the daily routine, leave the familiar surrounding and explore new places, cultures and people? 

But maybe now is not the right time for carefree traveling and adventure. You need to be a little bit more patient. And until then you can bring the wanderlust feeling into your home. Our favorite way to do so: travel prints!

To keep the wanderlust alive and well while you're not on the road, we have you covered and rounded up a collection of travel inspired art for your space.

Beach and Ocean Prints

The ocean as place of calm and relaxation. A place to breathe. And at the same time a resource of energy and power. With an ocean or beach print you bring this feeling of calming down and freedom into your 4 walls.

Koala Bear Print Poster

Animal Prints

Do you have a favorite animal? Maybe from far away? An animal print from a monkey, elephant or kangaroo can bring back memories from travels to far away destinations or encounters with your favorite animal.

Landscape Prints

Atmospheric travel prints from around the globe, from remote fishing villages of the Lofoten Islands to stunning beaches in Indonesia, connect you to your favorite far away destinations.Especially the scandinavian landscape stands for calm colors in green and blue tones. Prints of mountain or lake landscapes bring the right amount of relaxation and serenity to your home.

City Prints

Do you have a favorite city to travel to? Paris, Berlin or more away as New York or Sydney? Travel with us to your favorite city with one of our city prints. A great way to celebrate this special place and keep you inspired for your next journey.