Wild Wall Art - Discover our animals and their wild personalities

Being fond of animals: monkeys, zebras, elephants - or rather whales and kangaroos?

You will find the wonderful world of animals coming together in our designs. As photography, and later digitally edited or as charming illustration. 

Discover your wild side and find your animal counter part.

Confident as an elephant

An elephant is an animal whose movements exude confidence and calm in all aspects of its life. If an elephant sets its mind to something it won’t waver until the task is completed. Generally slow to anger, they can exhibit a violent temper and few barriers can hold it back. Our prints of one of the largest living animals brings that power and confidence to every room.

Playful as a kangaroo

Kangaroos are usually playful, friendly and active, and thrive on movement and variety. These adorable animals are fit and ready to take on the world. They love the challenge as they have to fend off predators, get across a great amount of land in a short time and find food where most would have given up already. Ready to bring this energy into your home?

Social as an orca

Being one of the biggest animals around, Orcas are very sociable and live in groups of 10 to 70 animals. They nearly always swim together and hunt as a team. Every group has its own dialect to maintain their strong social cohesion. All members of an orca group take care of the young ones, no matter if they are directly related to each other or not.

Curious as a monkey

Monkeys are incredible intelligent and social animals, they live organized in large groups. Being mischievous, curious and smart, makes them very naughty. With their strong sense of curiosity they are interested in everything, want to try everything and love playing most of the time.

Courageous as a zebra

Zebras are a symbol of courage as they undertake great migrations each year to search for pastures and despite hungry lions, hyenas or crocodiles. As they stroll the savanna, each zebra is unique and original, like its stripes that can not be identical to those of other zebras. Bring some of this uniqueness and courage into your home with our zebra prints.

Passionate as a Penguin

Penguins are real fighters - resistant and adaptable, and lovable. They defy cold, harsh and unfriendly conditions. Their secret: a big loving heart. Their loyalty and dedication towards their partner and little ones are rare in animal kingdom. Bring some of that love into your home with our penguin print.